Mmm leather….

Shepherds Bush Market

Shepherds Bush Market

So on a trip to Shepherds Bush market today for some fabric research I came across this amazing wall, devoted to leather.

Beautiful, smooth, pungent smelling leather.

My obsession with leather comes from spending a lot of time with artist Holly Thoburn who managed to wear leather in the most classy way. She was making it chic before the whole trend started. Leather trousers, leather shirt, cropped boucle and leather jacket, leather rings etc…

I decided to do my A2 Level final project based on her and her style. It involved hand cutting a lace pattern in to leather, to be sewn on a leather cotton and lace dress. My teacher said it couldn’t be done in 2 weeks. She ate her words.

Since then every time I smell, see or touch anything made of good quality leather my mind goes to this little happy place where anything is possible.
I was so distracted that when the shop assistant came and asked me if I needed any help my immediate reaction was to blurt out: “just let me finish taking pictures of this amazing shrine to leather pleaaaase!” He backed away slowly like I was a mad woman so I had to excuse myself gracefully and tried to leave with my dignity intact…

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