One Hundred Hassocks later…

Grace Adam project

‘Instead of referring to any particular tradition, One Hundred Hassocks consists of twenty black hassocks and eighty in various greens. Black speaks to/reflects the void of grief, amd the greens are about renewal’ Description of Installation by artist Grace Adam

This summer I got to work with artist Grace Adam.

Her installation ‘Modes of Remembrance: The Act and Art of Remembering’ is being shown in St Giles Church, Covent Garden.

So in May I got a text asking if I was able to make 100 church hassock covers. After quickly googling what they are I was super excited to work with Grace.
The job spec involved 20 black covers and 80 green going from light to dark. I decided to choose several interesting different types of fabrics and textures including velvet, shot taffeta and brushed satin.

It was a mad rush, repeating the same steps 100 times over and over again, with only one casualty. My hands have never felt so crippled but they, along with a poor impaled finger, soldiered on like warriors. But seeing them laid out made it all worth it.

I look forward to working with Grace again in the future!

More pictures located in Projects.

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