About us

imageEdwina and Deborah Zormelo.

Mama Zormelo taught us how to sew when we were little and we decided to study it for 4 years in school

We tend to bite off way more than we can chew, but we always get the job done. What’s life without a little drama?

Our aim is to make the conventional unconventional.

We’re up for any challenge whether its a simple alteration or a ballgown made out of tweed…

We all have that ominous bag in the back of our wardrobes full of clothes that need to be fixed but can’t be bothered to get to the dry cleaners. So we are offering a pick up drop off service. We come to you, you show us what needs to be done, we take it with us and bring it back to you when it’s done.

Oh and we can also create a made to measure piece unique to you without breaking the bank.


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