So this is Hannah. I met her 2 years ago when she moved to London from Sydney, Australia. I think I was like the 5th African she had ever met. See I had no idea that they’re not so used to seeing people of African descent Down Under. Who knew? I just assume we’ve slowly spread around the world.

So long story short she became one of my closest friends and after my initial plans of trying to marry her off to a british citizen so she could stay forever failed and her visa ran out I wanted to give her something special to take home.

I had to come up with an elaborate plan to get her measurements, get her to try it on and fit it to her without her having any idea it was intended for her. However, after the second fitting she caught me unprepared and simply asked in her sweet innocent tone “so who is this skirt for?” Couldn’t lie, had to admit it and she said “Now I’ll have a piece of Ghana to take back home!”

Needless to say there were tears. But anyway I hope to experiment more with traditional clothes and western styles. More to come…

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