Services and price lists

What we can do and how much we charge…

Alterations on dresses and skirts
e.g. shortening, lengthening, take-in etc cost between £9-£15 and depend on type of fabric and extent of work done

Suit trousers take-up or let down

Coat and jacket alterations
e.g. taking up or taking down sleeves, take-in or let out waist etc. cost between £10-£25 and depend on the style, fabric and extent of work.

General repairs
Buttons £1 Button hole £1.50
Hook and eye £1.50
Zips £13

Made to measure
Skirts from £25
Dresses from £30
Jackets from £35
all other bespoke products are made at £15 per hour

For other requests and inquiries feel free to contact us…

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