“one must be their own brand ambassador”

Today's alterations

Today’s alterations

After sitting around today watching  old GossipGirl episodes (which I love love love) I was weirdly inspired by Jenny Humphrey. I know right, how cliche. In season 2 Jenny is all about starting her future, creating her own designs, becoming the next big designer.

But putting the big dreams aside and coming down from the clouds in to reality, what actually caught my attention was how she always made sure she was her own brand ambassador.

I know that sounds simple and completely obvious but for someone so young who was just starting out, people kept on noticing and mentioning (obviously for character and plot development purposes) that sporting her own designs showed how serious she was about her future. Something I sometimes take for granted.

Often when I go out as soon as I mention I’m a seamstress the first thing a person will say is “Oh I can tell you’re into fashion, you look very stylish and well put together…” and then they always go on to ask “Are you wearing anything you’ve made today?” Like I’m this magical genie that can make everything from jeans to coats. Mostly I say no and show them pictures of my work/point them to the website. Or they’ll see that something I’m wearing has a hole/rip in the seam and ask why I haven’t fixed it myself.

Mostly I don’t because of the principle. If I drop 100 quid on a coat from Zara and a couple months later its ripping at the seams after hardly being worn that is just a joke. Shame on you Zara. Its a weird type of personal protest that only I understand. Time to stop being so stubborn.

So I’ve spent today working on my own clothes that need altering/fixing/remaking. The picture includes a few examples – A leather and boucle jacket, a fur scarf, a Zara coat…. Hopefully I’ll put some more photos up soon in Projects


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