2 dresses for the price of 1

African print dress with waterfall peplumWhen it’s broke times and you need something new to wear a good bargain feels like the best thing in the world.

Strolling through Kilburn market me and my friend Ash found a little stall where a lovely Nigerian woman was trying her hardest to get us to buy some fabric that was on sale. Most of them didn’t really catch our eye. But then one was hanging from the ceiling and had some pretty interesting patterns on it… then she showed us a bag made of the same fabric which looked so dope we needed to know the price. And when she said “For you girls £15 for 5 yards” all we could say was “Auntie thank you so much!” about a million times.

So I took the fabric home and made 2 dresses, one for myself and another for Ash, completely different but suited our styles and personalities. This picture was styled and taken by my friend Olivia who is a vintage hair stylist. I’m like the token black girl on her Instagram page @vintage_hair_girl

Pictures of dresses up soon on Projects